Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dough Tray and Greens

Fall decorating is so much fun.  Here is a dough tray (or you can use a large wooden bowl) with some greens, gourds and pinecones surrounded by Christmas lights and topped off with a glass canister for your favorite candle.  These greens are artificial, but fresh would be even better.  Doesn't your boxwood need a good trim?  My favorite candle is what we call Evergreen and Citrus - and it's really great anytime of year because it does not scream of balsam fir which is typically a scent used at Christmas.  The citrus offsets the evergreen and creates the most pleasant smelling candle I have ever had.  Come in and try one!  Did you know that we have a candle club?  If you buy 6 candles at $19.95 or more, you get your 7th one free!  Hope to see you soon...

Click Treenware to check out our collection of Treenware.  There are some really nice wooden bowls to choose from.