Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Country Lighting

This country light made to go over a kitchen island is a perfect example of task lighting.
Franklin Pendant Light

Country Lighting for your Home

Just as important as the details that moulding and paint color provide or the style of the room dictated by the furniture selected, lighting is a integral part of your overall home decor. Lighting that is thoughtful and well planned can really pull a room together.

There are three basic types of lighting:

General Lighting provides visual assistance. This type of lighting includes Flushmount Lighting and Floor Lights. It also includes Wooden Chandeliers or Tin Chandeliers, especially when the chandelier is suspended over a table.  Think of this as the type of light you flip on with a switch - and consider using a dimmer switch when you want to soften the mood a bit.

Task Lighting provides specific lighting to an area. Examples of task lighting Table Lamps which provide reading light to a desk or on an end table next to your favorite chair. It also includes our Tin Shade Lights which would provide task lighting over a kitchen sink or island.

Ambient Lighting can soften the mood or illuminate dark corners.  Tin Lanterns & Accent Lights and Sconces are good examples of ambient lighting.  This type of lighting is also perfect for featuring art and architecture.  Use this type of lighting to illuminate a dark hallway - using low wattage bulbs that do not produce a glare.  One of the most popular ambient lights during the holidays is our Tin Window Lights.  We love this look so much that we leave our "welcome lights" in our windows year round.  They provide such a nice glow at the windows - whether inside or outside.

Some tips that can help you choose your lighting wisely:

  • Do not use open bottomed fixtures in the middle of a room. These types of lights provide task lighting over a table, island or kitchen sink. You do not want to use them in a hallway since you will look up and see a bare bulb, creating a lot of glare.
  • Table lamps and floor lamps should have a distance from the bottom of the lampshade to the ground of about 36-47 inches. This height will prevent direct view of the lightbulb and will give ample reading light. You can use different sizes of harps to achieve the proper height.
  • A chandelier should be hung about 30" above the table. Too often, chandeliers are hung too high and seem disconnected from the table. For ceilings that are nine feet or more, a two-tier chandelier would work well to fill the space between the ceiling and the table.
  • Dimmer switches are terrific for dining room chandeliers in particular. You can dim the light to create a nice ambience when entertaining.

How to Select a Chandelier

If you are hanging the light close to the ceiling in the middle of a room and are not suspending it over a table, use this as a guide to choose the right size.

  • 10' x 10' room - use a chandelier 17"-20" wide
  • 12' x 12' room - use a chandelier 21"-27" wide
  • 14' x 14' room - use a chandelier 24"-36" wide

If you are installing over a table, a chandelier should have a diameter 12" less than the width of your table. (For example: a 36" wide table should have a light 24" wide or less) Having a light too large for the table means that your dinner guests will be bumping their heads as they stand and having a light too small does not define the space well.

The bottom of the chandelier should be about 30" above the table. Too often, chandeliers are hung too high and seem disconnected from the table. For ceilings that are nine feet or more, a two-tier chandelier would work well to fill the space between the ceiling and the table.

We love dimmer switches! You can turn up the light when you need it (great when the table doubles as a homework table or for you to look through your cookbooks) and dim the light to create a nice ambience when you are entertaining.
Installing Wall Sconces

One of the questions we are asked often is where the wall box should be for a sconce. The answer to that question will vary depending on your contractor, but we like it at about 57" to 63" off the floor. This can depend on the height of your ceilings or where the mirror or artwork is displayed.

Selecting Outdoor Lighting for your Home and Landscape

Of course, lighting your home is important on the outside as well since a good lighting plan will add visual appeal and value to your home.

When ordering your Outdoor Lighting, it is important to select the proper size of light. Most home owners make the mistake of putting up a post light that is too small for either the post or for the home itself. Especially with two story homes, a post light needs to be sizable to make a statement - too small of a light will get lost in your landscape.

Remember that your outdoor lighting will appear about half the size when viewed from far away. Besides the all important post light, do you need hanging lights or wall lights? Again,bigger is better - don't be nervous about getting a light too large for either side of your door.

Consider having a few post lights if you have a very long driveway or consider adding garden lighting to accentuate that long path.

Outdoor lighting not only lets you enjoy your yard or deck at night, it also provides added security for your home. A well thought out lighting design can make a significant change to your landscape, making your home more beautiful!

We hope that this information was helpful to you and would welcome you to contact us with any questions.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Country Lighting, Country Chandeliers and Country Sconces

Our line of Country Lighting features wooden chandeliers, tin chandeliers, sconces, table lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights and accent lights.  Use one of our Country Chandeliers in your dining room or over your kitchen table.  A wooden chandelier adds country appeal to your home in the bedroom, great room or foyer.  Our Country Sconces are a great way to add a primitive feel to your home.  Use a pair on either side of a fireplace or to provide some extra light to a powder room or bathroom.

We are sure you will find a great collection of country lighting for your country home! See our complete line of colonial lighting and home decor at www.thetinbin.com.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Tin Bin logo

What do you do when you want to create a new logo? You ask your customers for help! We put two choices on our Facebook Page and you picked this:

You can visit us online at www.thetinbin.com to see the logo on our website and check out all new products we have been adding. You also can see what is on sale, but be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with all of our sales and specials.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Country Homespun Bedding

Introducing our new line of Country Homespun Bedding! Most of our country homespun bedding is available in twin, queen or king sizes and many of them have matching accessories.

We also have a great line of Homespun Country Curtains and Homespun Country Table Linens and Chairpads that compliment our bedding and add a cozy feeling to any room in your house.

You can shop online at www.thetinbin.com for all of your colonial lighting and home decor needs. We are always adding new products! If we don't have what you're looking for - please ask! We are here to help by phone from Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5. Call 717-569-6210 during business hours or leave us a message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Red Truck Craze

I belong to a few facebook groups that right before Christmas began posting pictures of their red trucks. I didn't understand the craze at first, but as each person posted a picture of their red truck - sometimes with a tree in the back, or next to a belsnickel, or beside a snowman - I must admit I became smitten with the red truck. Apparently you can find these at a variety of craft stores, but all of them were sold out long before Christmas rolled around this past year. So, we jumped on the bandwagon and are bringing you some red trucks. Enjoy! www.thetinbin.com

Home Sweet Home

Christmas Truck Pillow

Nursery Truck Ornament

Nursery Truck Ornament

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

One of our customers just has a knack for decorating and shared his photos with me. Some of them show our products - and others are just Patrick's amazing collection of Christmas decorations, not all of which are available on our website. I just thought you would enjoy the photos! Happy Holidays!

A nice collection of Arnett Santas

Tin Candlesticks

Tin Sconce

Old fashioned Christmas ornaments

Trencher Treenware

Wooden Chandelier

Halifax Sconce

Williamsport Sconce 

Pine and Pomander Wreath


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Primitive Totes, Purses and Wallets

Introducing our new line of Primitive Totes, Purses and Wallets! Please let us know if you like these and would like for us to add more. We are always looking to make sure you, our customers, are finding what you are looking for in our store or on our website. We welcome your feedback!