Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Tin Switchplates & Outlet Covers

We have added a new line of Tin Switchplates & Outlet Covers to our website.  These wall plates are handcrafted in Pennsylania and are dipped in an antiquing solution giving them an authentic patina.  Then they are dipped in a dull lacquer that prevents rusting and gives an extra layer of protection from fingerprint smudges.  This is a brand-new finish called Kettle Black that we hope you will enjoy.  These handmade switchplates and outlet covers will add some charm to the walls in your kitchen or bath, or wherever you would like to add some warmth!

We also continue to carry our very popular Punched Tin Switchplates & Outlet Covers which hand-punched right here in Lancaster County!  These wall plates are coated with an enamel finish which prevents rusting and fingerprint smudges.